• George Soros: Legendary Speculator

    george sorors
    By Ben Stone George Soros is a Hungarian-born American philanthropist, investor and business magnate. He is currently the chairperson of Soros Fund Management. Soros is a famous supporter of progressive-liberal political issues, and he played an important role in the peaceful transition from socialism to capitalism in Hungary. What’s more, the Forex mogul provided the [...]
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  • Binary Options: Definition & Strategy

    forex, binary, options, strategy
    By Ben Stone As the name implies, a binary option is a contract that can expire in one of two ways: in-the-money, or out-of-the-money. This contrasts with traditional options in that there is no continual spectrum of payoff. Binary options are quite different from traditional trading as well because the amount that you stand to [...]
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  • New Brokers Spring Up as Bitcoin Matures

    bitcoins, forex
    By Ben Stone Bitcoin is a currency that makes its home in cyberspace. Not fettered by the value of gold or other precious metals, Bitcoin's value is instead determined directly by supply and demand. The algorithm that drives the currency ensures that these coins will always remain scarce. In fact, new coins will be minted [...]
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  • The Two Main Reasons Most Forex Traders Fail

    forex, trader, mistakes
    At the time of this writing, only around 6% of traders will make it to professional status. Of the many stumbling blocks that traders run into, there are two in particular that prove most fatal: fear and greed. Fear Many traders begin their careers on demo accounts. Paper trading is useful—to a point. These faux [...]
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